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Hands for Future is an eco-social art project. 

Is climate protection important to you?

Do you want to support the Fridays for Future movement and honor the commitment of these young folks?

Do you want to signal the need for a sustainable environmental footprint?

Then support us in the realization of the sculpture Hands for Future and let us make sure that the movement is symbolically perceived as a permanent warning sign for the protest - 24/7 - in the shape of this monument!

Let's collect 6.000 handprints and more!

We need your help to connect us and collect your handprints
at the Fridays for Future demonstrations all over the world.

andprints already collected in:
* Berlin, Germany
* Bogotá, Columbia
* Budapest, Hungary
* Stockholm, Schweden
* Tokio, Japan

Let us encourage young people and support their movement, showing them it is worth while to stand up and fight.

A steel sculpture as a permanent warning sign

Hands for Future is a eco-social art project dedicated to young folks of the Fridays for Future movement. To honor them and their work, we will build a monument, an active memorial: a six-meter-high steel sculpture consisting of 6000 individual children's handprints. These are collected by young people around the world on the Fridays for Future protests and assembled into a mirrored steel globe.

The Hands for Future sculpture should forever remind politicians, passerby and citizens of how important the Fridays for Future movement is. Each hand of the sculpture should symbolize the mirror that the children hold up to us. The sculpture serves as a confrontational memorial as well as motivation to leave a sustainable ecological footprint.

This project was conceived by the artist Isabelle Tellié and will be realized with a Berlin team and with the support of the House of Democracy, as well as other alliance partners. In mid-2020, the sculpture Hands for Future will be completed and unveiled in Berlin.

Naturally, the sculpture will consist exclusively of sustainable and CO2 neutral materials!

To finance the the project a crowdfunding campaign on will start on 17.12.2019.

This sculpture 
holds a mirror up to everyone.
 We are responsible for our future.

We must become aware 
of our own power to change 
the miserable state 
we have driven our planet to.


Isabelle Tellié

Artist / Creative Director

Jule Roschlau

Illustrator/Creative Production

Achim Bormuth

Psychologist / Consultant

Daniel Smouni

Creative Managing Force

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Sally Jaber

Filmmaker/Creative Managing Force

Noah Inhauser 

Photographer/Social Media Force

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Join the team

If your interested to join our creative force and be part of the team just contact us. Let’s open our eyes and use this global power now!